MRLS: Andrew Mitchell – The Art of Exposure

October 1, 12:30 – 1:45
Leadership Room (Student Center)
Andrew Mitchell (Emory)
“The Art of Exposure: Thinking Sculpture with Heidegger”

In his later, post-war, thinking Heidegger renews his engagement with aesthetics and turns his attention to sculpture. Indeed, sculpture becomes the pre-eminent art form for the late Heidegger, with him contributing to exhibition catalogs, speaking at gallery openings, and even collaborating with a sculptor directly in the composition of a text. In these brief forays into sculpture, Heidegger develops a striking account of body, space, and the mutually affecting relation between them. In my remarks I will sketch this new understanding of bodies and space, before turning to the work of four sculptors in order to show the grip that Heidegger’s approach has upon the works themselves. The sculptors in question are Ernst Barlach, Giacomo Manzù, Bernhard Heiliger, and Eduardo Chillida. The works I will show are from exhibitions that Heidegger himself attended or otherwise came in contact with. My contention in all this is that sculpture is the art of exposure.