Events & Activities

Mike Ryan Lecture Series

The Mike Ryan Lecture Series offers students, faculty, and the local community access to world-renowned scholars from a number of different disciplines – art, literature, history, religion, and philosophy – at Kennesaw State University. The MRLS was named for a student who exemplified our collective commitment to excellence and wisdom.

Osoinach Student Lecture Series

The Osoinach Student Lecture Series was created as a showcase for student philosophy at Kennesaw State University. Named for a former president who elevated the level of philosophical discourse at Kennesaw State, is the OSLS represents our dedication to the presentation of student thought and advancement through discourse.

North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference

The North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference is a student led, student run conference, with the intent of providing a engaging discourse with the spirit of friendship intimacy. NGSPC draws students from around the United States and submissions are open to all those enrolled in undergraduate and graduate study at an accredited institution of higher education. Papers may deal with any philosophical issue, period, or field of inquiry. Programs and Selected Proceedings of past conferences are available below:
1st Annual NGSPC Program
2nd Annual NGSPC Program
3rd Annual NGSPC Program
4th Annual NGSPC Program
5th Annual NGSPC Program
8th Annual NGSPC Program
10th Annual NGSPC Program
11th Annual NGSPC Program
12th Annual NGSPC Program
Selected Proceedings of the 4th Annual NGSPC
Selected Proceedings of the 6th Annual NGSPC

OtherWise: A Journal of Student Philosophy

OtherWise: A Journal of Student Philosophy, an official publication of the Philosophy Student Association at Kennesaw State University, is dedicated to comparative philosophy and aims to serve as a bridge between various philosophical traditions and philosophers. Submissions are welcomed from student philosophers from all philosophical persuasions with preference given to those of comparative and Continental orientations. The Journal is dedicated to publishing quality articles and book reviews in comparative studies of the Asian philosophical traditions (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), Buddhist philosophy, African philosophy, and Islamic philosophy.

Profound Pursuit

Profound Pursuit is a social gathering wherein we enjoy food, fellowship, and conversation. We call it “Profound” pursuit because there is nothing trivial about engaging others in conversation. It is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with those in PSA and establish new friendships.

Philosophy Café

Unlike Profound Pursuit, which is primarily a social gathering, Philosophy Café serves the functions of both a social gathering and a study group for Philosophy majors and those interested in philosophy and related disciplines. Philosophy Café aims to develop solidarity between group members by fostering meaningful conversation, developing effective means of studying, and establishing a community that extends beyond the the official and/or academic confines of Philosophy Café itself.

Other Events

The PSA has hosted a number of other events and activities that did not becoming lasting traditions but were either single installment special events or series of related events that have since been discontinued. Such events and activities periodically emerge as a response to the needs and demands of the PSA members and the greater KSU community to which the PSA contributes.