Mike Ryan Lecture Series

Date Speaker Title
April 16, 2019 Carl Becker
(Kyoto University)
Lessons from Japanese History and Philosophy
February 5, 2018 Paul Boshears
(Kennesaw State University) 
Atlanta’s White Eschaton: White Flight and AMC’s Walking Dead
April 19, 2018 Karolin Mirzakhan (DePaul University)  No Pun Intended: The Role of Language in the Non-Striving for the Absolute in Early German Romanticism and Zen
April 12, 2018 Meilin Chinn (Santa Clara University)  Musical Thinking
April 14, 2018 Meilin Chinn (Santa Clara University)  Singing in a Thicket of Questions
November 13, 2017 Martin Schonfeld (University of South Florida) American Disenlightenment and Civil Evolution
October 13, 2017 George Yancy (Emory University) The Black Body Through the White Gaze
April 22, 2017 Bill Martin (DePaul University) The Philosophy of Alain Badiou in Comparative Perspective
April 20, 2017 Bill Martin (DePaul University) Three Moments in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: Minimal LIfe, Blindness, Returning
April 12, 2017 Sarah Mattice (University of North Florida) Building Global Philosophy: Metaphors in a Culturally Polycentric World
February 29, 2017 Gabriel Soldatenko
(Kennesaw State University )
Domination and Criminalization: An Essay on the Philosophy of Race
February 15, 2017 Ian Sullivan
(Kennesaw State University)
Role-Relational Ambiguity and Confucian Mystification: Toward a Critical Confucianism
November 29, 2016 Stephen Harris (University of Leiden) A Nirvana that is Burning in Hell: Pain and Flourishing in Mahayana Buddhist Moral Thought
April 22, 2016 Talia Welsh (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) Sickness, Health, and Suffering: Nietzsche and Phenomenologies of Health
December 2, 2015 Eduardo Mendieta (Pennsylvania State University) The Institutions of Philosophy: On the Reception/Invention of Latin American Philosophy in the U.S.
November 18, 2015 Walter Brogan (Villanova University) Aristotle on Friendship and the Politics of Life
November 12, 2015 Paulina Rivero (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Dao and the Problem of Language
October 28, 2015 Martin Schönfeld (University of South Florida) Pushing Planetary Limits: Philosophical Implications of Climate Change
October 7, 2015 Talia Welsh (UT Chattanooga) Gendered Bodies: The Feminist Reception of Merleau-Ponty’s Embodiment Theory
October 1, 2015 Andrew Mitchell (Emory) The Art of Exposure: Thinking Sculpture with Heidegger
September 23, 2015 Hans Skott-Myhre (Kennesaw State University) Schizoanalysis: Seizing desire as the first act of revolutionary psychotherapy
September 9, 2015 Amy Donahue (Kennesaw State University) ‘Philosophy’ Means What Is Not Non-Philosophy: The Buddha’s Middle Way and Exclusion of the Other
April 23, 2015 Alejandro Vallega (University of Oregon) A Thought with Enormous Wings: On Aesthetic and Liberatory Aspects of Latin American Philosophy
April 14, 2015 Joshua Mason (Kennesaw State University) T’ai Chi Ch’uan (taijiquan) as Cosmological Creativity
March 28, 2015 Julia Jansen (KU Leuven) What’s the point? Doing Phenomenology in a Post-idealist and Post-humanist World
March 26, 2015 Julia Jansen (KU Leuven) Free Yourself: 4 Misconceptions of Imagination That Might Be Holding You Back
March 12, 2015 Sean McGrath (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Hegel, Schelling and the End of German Idealism
February 27, 2015 Nikolay Karkov (State University of New York Cortland) Thinking ‘From Location’: Autonomist Marxism, Post-socialism, and the Work of Translation
February 19, 2015 Sarah Flavel (Bath Spa University, UK) Nietzsche and Active Nihilism: Why it’s Good to be a Nihilist
January 27, 2015 Paul D’Ambrosio (East China Normal University) All Lies are Good (and Evil)
December 1, 2014 Hans-Georg Moeller (University College Cork) On Comparative Philosophy: Past and Present
November 20, 2014 Robin Wang (Loyola Marymount University) Yinyang: The Way of Ways
November 5, 2014 Bruce Clarke (Texas Tech) The AI Constellation: Cybernetics, Science Fiction, and Communication
October 22, 2014 Ethan Mills (UT Chattanooga) Only a Buddha Knows: Vasubandhu and External-World Skepticism
October 8, 2014 Anthony Byrd (KSU and Emory University) Islamic Doctrine and the Demands of Liberal Citizenship
September 25, 2014 Gabriel Soldatenko (KSU) Philosophy and the Everyday: The Case of Graffiti
September 10, 2014 Andrew Whitehead (KSU) No-Thing is Funny: The Mis-Use of Humour in Zen
April 21, 2014 H. Peter Steeves and Danielle Meijer (DePaul University) “This Animal, Again and Again” — A Philosophical Dance Performance
March 27, 2014 Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University) A Stone Woman Gives Birth to a Child at Night: Zen Master Dogen and Time
February 27, 2014 Seth Crownover (Drury University) Max Stirner and the Metaphysical Foundation of Politics
February 17, 2014 Dilek Huseyinzadegan (Emory University) Kant on Beauty, Morality, and the Human Being
January 16, 2014 David Krell (University of Freiburg and DePaul University) Emerson–Nietzsche’s Voluptuary?
November 26, 2013 Jeremy Bell (DePaul University) Why Should I Care? Plato’s Ethics as Political Critique
October 31, 2013 Ulrich Steinvorth Pride: Why it is Puzzling and Merits Attention
October 24, 2013 Talia Welsh (UT Chattanooga) The Existentialist Self-Help Guide
December 6, 2012 Erin McCarthy (St. Lawrence University) An Environmental Ethical Self: Bringing Together Watsuji’s fudo and Feminist Environmental Ethics
November 19, 2012 Meilin Chinn Sensing the Wind: Skilled Listening and the Virtuosity of Virtue in Early Chinese Philosophy
October 16, 2012 Kenny Endo (Taiko Drum Artist) Taiko-Jazz Performance (with Ted Piltzecker)
April 7, 2012 Michael Naas (DePaul University) ‘If you could take just two books . . .’: Derrida at the Ends of the World with Heidegger and Robinson Crusoe
April 5, 2012 Michael Naas (DePaul University) Dying a Living Death: Phantasms of Burial and Cremation in Derrida’s Final Seminar
March 21, 2012 David Krell (University of Freiburg and DePaul University) Sharing the World: Some Thoughts on Derrida’s Last Seminar, “The Beast and the Sovereign”
March 20, 2012 Stephen J. Goldberg (Hamilton College) History, Counter-Memory and the Search for a Modern Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art
March 15, 2012 Leah Kalmanson (Drake University) Rethinking Reparations: Buddhist Perspectives on Restorative Justice
February 28, 2012 Jin Y. Park (American University) The Visible and the Invisible: Rethinking Values and Justice from a Buddhist-Postmodern Perspective
February 21, 2012 Darin McGinnis (Wheeling Jesuit University) Nietzsche and the Meaning of Human
February 7, 2012 Amy Donahue (Kennesaw State University) Feminist Optimism, Queer Pessimism, and Buddhist Hopelessness: An Immoderate Middle Way Across The Double-Bind
January 31, 2012 Aslam Syed (Humboldt University) The Doctrine of Necessity in Political Islam: Origins and Implications
November 10, 2011 Larry Schulz Fortune-telling, Physics, and Philosophy in the Yijing
November 3, 2011 Roger Ames (University of Hawai’i) Confucian Role Ethics: Does Blind Justice Need Moral Imagination?
October 27, 2011 Katy Payne (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology) Why listen to the other animals?
September 27, 2011 John Sweeney (University of Hawai’i) Bodies without Stories and Stories without Bodies: Late Capitalism, Prosthetic Sociality, and Love in an Age of Google
April 26, 2011 Jen McWeeney (John Carroll University) Sounding Depth with the North Atlantic Right Whale and Merleau-Ponty: An Exercise in Comparative Phenomenology
April 21, 2011 Nythamar de Oliveira (Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil) Heidegger’s Contribution to a Phenomenology of Justice
April 19, 2011 Eric Nelson (University of Massachusetts) The Yijing as Divination, Hermeneutics, and Ethics
April 14, 2011 Bradley Park (St. Mary’s College of Maryland) Kokoro and Hara: Emotional Cognition and Whole-Person Thinking in Japanese Buddhism
April 7, 2011 Bret Davis (Loyola College of Maryland) Speaking (out) of Experience: Ueda Shizuteru on the Language of Zen
November 16, 2010 Peg Birmingham (DePaul University) Arendt and Hobbes: Glory, Sacrificial Violence, and the Political Imagination
November 2, 2010 Li Ang Writing, Sex, and Politics in Taiwan
October 27, 2010 Kenny Endo (Taiko Drum Artist) Taiko Performance
October 21, 2010 Jason Wirth (Seattle University) Something About Nothing
April 20, 2010 Sung Shin Kim (NGSU) Two Murders and a Funeral: The Birth of the Korean Nation
April 17, 2010 Brian Schroeder (RIT) Dying One’s Own Death: Nothingness, Recurrence, and the “Great Death”
April 15, 2010 Brian Schroeder (RIT) To Speak or Not to Speak: The Paradox and Periodic Dilemma of Silence
April 10, 2010 Sung Shin Kim (North Georgia State University) Two Murders and A Funeral: The Birth of the Korean Nation
April 1, 2010 Graham Parkes (University College of Cork, Ireland) How Philosophy Can Help Save The Planet
March 16, 2010 Lou Ruprecht (GSU) Finding & Losing Your Way: Plato’s Erotic Path
February 25, 2010 Robert Buswell (UCLA) Korean Buddhism in East Asian Context
January 28, 2010 Douglas R. Reynolds (Georgia State University): Part of the Cities of Peace Workshop Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Tale of Two Cities in War and Peace
January 26, 2010 John Stuhr (Emory) Against Forgiveness
January 21, 2010 Steven Leeper (Chairperson of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation)
Ms. Miyoko Watanabe (Hibakusha)
(100 Cranes Teleconference with Hibakusha)
Current Nuclear Issues
January 19, 2010 David Jones (Atlanta Center for Asian Studies): Part of the Cities of Peace Workshop A Reading – “A Day, Just Like Any Other Day: On a Birthday 75 Years Later”
January 19, 2010 Christopher Jespersen (North Georgia State College and University) Double Exposure: Tsutomu Yamaguchi and the Luck of War Reflections of the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
November 12, 2009 Jason Wirth (Seattle University) Mountains and Water: Zen Master Dogen and the Sutra of Nature
October 26, 2009 Joe Lawrence (Holy Cross) The Redemption of Nature: Why Poetry rather than Science Must Lead on the Environment
October 22, 2009 Livia Kohn (Boston University) Women in Daoism: Nuns, Priestesses, and Lay Practitioners
April 4, 2009 Thomas Kasulis (Ohio State University) Ethics as Responsiveness Some Theories from Japanese Philosophy
April 2, 2009 Thomas Kasulis (Ohio State University) Zen Buddhism and Creativity
March 31, 2009 Saul Williams “The Dead EmCee Scrolls”
March 26, 2009 Joel Kupperman (University of Connecticut) How the Concerns of Ethics Vary Among Traditions: Confucius and Western Philosophy
March 23, 2009 Roger Ames (University of Hawai`i) Confucian Role Ethics: A Vision of the Moral Life
March 19, 2009 Peter Hallward, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (Middlesex University) The Will of the People
February 12, 2009 May Sim (College of the Holy Cross) Rival Confucian Rights: Left or Right Confucianism?
February 3, 2009 Walter Brogan (Villanova University) Minding Your Own Business: The Problem of Plato’s Republic
December 2, 2008 Thomas Forsthoefel (Mercyhurst College) Like the Moon on Water: Meaning and Value in the Writings of the Dalai Lama
October 28, 2008 Jin Young Park (American University) Korean Buddhism’s encounter with new intellectualism in modern times
April 24, 2008 Christopher Jespersen (North Georgia College & University) Redefining Geography: Asia in the Middle East or Iraq as Part of America’s Westward Experience
April 22, 2008 Charles E. Morrison (East-West Center) Challenges for International Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
April 3, 2008 Henry Rosemont, Jr. (Brown University) Why Do We Keep Blaming the Victim? A Confucian Meditation on Poverty in the U.S.
March 27, 2008 David Krell (DePaul University) The School of Stepefaction: Reflections on the United States Today
March 20, 2008 Tamara Albertini (University of Hawai`i) Muslim Women of Arabia: Their Lasting Legacy
February 28, 2008 Joseph Lawrence (College of the Holy Cross) Philosophical Religion or Sectarian Madness?
February 13, 2008 Martin E. Marty (University of Chicago) A Nation of Strangers: Creative Living in Our Pluralist Society
January 10, 2008 Tim Engstrom (Rochester Institute of Technology) An Artificial Route to the Real: The Digital Challenge to Sight
November 15, 2007 Gereon Kopf (Luther College) Bodies, Minds, and Language Games: The Question of Zen Ethics
April 26, 2007 Saul Williams (Fader Records) Performance, Q & A
April 19, 2007 Tina Chanter (DePaul University) The Political Legacies of Antigone
April 9, 2007 John A. Sweeney (University of Hawai’i at Manoa) Sense of the Earth: Place in Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and Indigenous Visions of the World
April 5, 2007 Walter Brogan (Villanova University) The Logic of Repression: The Rise of Sovereignty in Early Greek Thinking
March 15, 2007 Saheed A. Adejumobi (Seattle University) Transformations, Transitions and Transnationalism: Mapping Globalization, Afromodernity and Diaspora in the Ethiopian Experience
February 7, 2007 Frans de Waal (Emory University) Our Inner Ape: Human Nature as Seen by a Primatologist
January 18, 2007 Todd May (Clemson University) Jacques Ranciere in South Carolina: An Organizing Effort, How the Ideas of Ranciere Help Us Understand
November 16, 2006 William LaFleur (University of Pennsylvania) Social Issues and Buddhism in Japan: Abortion and Biotechnology
November 2, 2006 Bradley Douglas Park (St. Mary’s College) Buddhism, Banjos, and the Background
October 23, 2006 Michael Ruse (Florida State University) The Evolution-Creation Struggle: An American Story
April 20, 2006 David Wood (Vanderbilt University) Affirming Negative Capability
April 19, 2006 Jason Wirth (Seattle University) Doggie Style: Kundera, History, and the Canine
April 13, 2006 Michele Yeh (UC Davis) Chinese Poetry: From Classical to Contemporary
April 6, 2006 Amy Olberding (University of Oklahoma) Keeping House: The Domestic Sensibility in Confucius’ Ethical Reasoning
March 30, 2006 David Krell (DePaul University) Where’s Walden? Conversations with Henry David Thoreau and marlonbrando
March 21, 2006 Peter Hershock (East-West Center) Trade, Development, and the Broken Promise of Interdependence: Buddhist Reflections on the Possibility of Post-Market Economics
March 20, 2006 Gereon Kopf (Luther College) Nishida for Today
March 2, 2006 Erin McCarthy (St. Lawrence University) Peace-ful Bodies
February 14, 2006 Vyvyane Loh (The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study) Reading from “Breaking the Tongue”
February 9, 2006 Henry Rosemont, Jr. (Brown University) Farewell to Mao: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics
January 18, 2006 Stephen Goldberg (Hamilton College) The Authority of Excellence: What can Confucius Teach us about the Art of Chinese Painting?
December 1, 2005 Red Pin (Bill Porter) The Poetry of Chinese Hermits and American Beatniks
November 22, 2005 Stacy Keltner (Kennesaw State University) The Death of Sexual Difference
November 17, 2005 Peimin Ni (Grand Valley State University) Praxiology and Chinese Gongfu
November 10, 2005 Jena Grace Jolissaint (Oglethorpe University) Our Great Return: Pre-Nostalgia and Self-Love in Irigaray and Plato
November 2, 2005 Paul Dover (Kennesaw State University) Ways of Knowing and Systems of Knowledge in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
October 26, 2005 Stanley Murashige (Art Institute of Chicago) The Dance of Nature in Chinese Landscape Painting
October 20, 2005 Kong Linghong (Zhejiang University) Daoism, Confucianism, and Chinese Culture
October 13, 2005 Robert Bernasconi (University of Memphis) Invention of Responsibility
August 25, 2005 Roger T Ames (University of Hawai`i) Human Rights in China: A Cultural Perspective
April 21, 2005 Bret Davis (Loyola College, Maryland) Bridging Zen & Philosophy: Nishida Kitaro’s Provocative Venture
April 19, 2005 Robert Almeder (Georgia State University) The Science of Human Happiness
April 14, 2005 Bret Davis (Loyola College in Maryland) Step Back and Encounter: The Hermeneutical Significance of Cross-Cultural Philosophy
April 13, 2005 Eddie Chambers (London Metropolitan University) Some History, Some Identity, Some Notions of Nation and Nationality: Some British-based African-Caribbean Artists of the Contemporary Period
March 31, 2005 Graham Parkes (University of Hawai`i) The Eloquent Stillness of Stone: The Role of Rock in the Japanese Dry Landscape Garden
March 24, 2005 Gregg Bordowitz (Art Institute of Chicago) The Self-Shattering Peace: Grief, Sexuality, and War
March 23, 2005 Jason Wirth (Oglethorpe University) The Dark Night is also a Sun: Bataille’s Thanotic Mendacity America
March 3, 2005 Brian Schroeder (Rochester Institute of Technology) Nietzsche and the Reversal of Platonism
February 24, 2005 Shannon Mussett (Utah Valley State College) Existentialism and Domination: Simone de Beauvoir on American Inertia
February 23, 2005 Michael Shaw (Utah Valley State College) Madness and Politeia: Insanity, Death, and Art in Plato’s Republic
February 15, 2005 Peter Hershock (East-West Center) The Broken Promise of Interdependence: Buddhist Reflections on the Possibility of Post-Market Economics
February 10, 2005 David Krell (DePaul University) Creative Solitudes
February 8, 2005 Stacy Keltner (university of Oregon) Sexual Difference in French Feminism
February 3, 2005 Kathryn Gine (Emory University) How Space Comes to Matter: Space and Gender in Contemporary Feminist Theories of Sexual Difference
February 1, 2005 Gaile Pohlhaus (Villanova University) Understanding the Diversity Among Women
December 2, 2004 Walter Brogan (Villanova University) The Good Citizen: Friendship and Excellence in Aristotle’s Vision of the Ideal Community
November 18, 2004 Katya Vladimirov (Kennesaw State University) The Power of Red: Russia and America in the Time of Darkness
November 11, 2004 Jennifer Manlowe (University of West Georgia) Buddhism In Cuba: Benefits and Controversies for Revolutionary Women
November 8, 2004 Aslam Syed (University of Pennsylvania) The Political Philosophy of Islam: The Idea of the Islamic State
November 4, 2004 Vrnda Chaitanya (Valdosta State University) Sacred Anatomies, Sacred Geographies: Vedic Conceptualisations of the Feminine
October 28, 2004 Kathryn Gine (Emory University) Social Questions and Political Problems in the Philosophy of Hannah Arendt
October 20, 2004 Tim Renick (Georgia State University) The Ethics of War: Is the War in Iraq Just?
October 14, 2004 Thomas Pynn (Kennesaw State University) Socrates and the Intimacy of Thinking
September 23, 2004 Jason Wirth (Oglethorpe University) Caught Looking: Philosophy and the Provocation of Milan Kundera
April 10, 2004 Roger Ames (University of Hawai`i) A-theistic Religiousness and the Enchantment of the Human Experience: Confucianism Meets Deweyan Pragmatism
April 8, 2004 Roger Ames (University of Hawai`i) The Way is Made in the Walking: Responsibility as Relational Virtuosity
March 29, 2004 Laurel Kendall (Columbia University) Hungry Ghosts and Other Matters of Consumption in the Republic of Korea
March 25, 2004 Robert Buswell (UCLA) Zen Buddhism Monasticism and the Context of Belief
March 18, 2004 Xinyan Jiang (University of Redlands) How to Live: Daoist Perspectives on Living and Ruling
February 28, 2004 Graham Parkes (University of Hawai`i) “Walter Benjamin Extravaganza” (A Multimedia Presentation)
February 26, 2004 Graham Parkes (University of Hawai`i) The Eloquent Stillness of Stone: The Role of Rock in the Japanese Dry Landscape Garden
February 16, 2004 Ellen Klein (Flagler College) Academic Ethics: What it Is and Why it’s Hot
January 22, 2004 David Jones, Ted LaRosa, John Sweeney (Kennesaw State University) Eco-Philosophy for the 21st Century
January 9, 2004 Xu Xin (Nanjing University) Practice of Judaism in China
November 20, 2003 Thomas P Kasulis (The Ohio State University) Shinto: Japanese Naturalism or Nationalism?
November 13, 2003 Gerrit Voogt (Kennesaw State University) Pointed Hats and Pointed Fingers: The Jew as the ‘Other’ in Medieval Europe
November 4, 2003 Tom Blue Wolf (Earth Keepers) Eagle, Bear and Wolf: Reflections on Native American Ethics
October 23, 2003 Michael B. Papazian (Berry College) Stoics, Cynics, and Christians: Three Roman Ways of Life
October 13, 2003 PJ Ivanhoe (Boston University) Filial Piety as a Modern Chinese Virtue
October 7, 2003 Michael Smith (Berry College) Emmanuel Levinas’ Ethics of Responsibility
September 18, 2003 Jason Wirth (Oglethorpe University) Poison and the Great Health: Nietzsche and Hakuin
April 10, 2003 Henry Rosemont, Jr. (Brown University) On the Non-finality of Physical Death in Classical Confucianism
April 3, 2003 Thomas Kasulis (The Ohio State University) What is Religion?
March 27, 2003 Steve Goldberg (Hamilton College) Oh Father Where Art Thou?: Globalization, Identity, and Chinese Visual Culture
March 20, 2003 Raymond Osei (University of Cape Coast, Ghana) Interesting Parallelisms in Akan (African) and Ancient Roman Religions
March 4, 2003 Liza Dalby The Tale of Murasaki
February 27, 2003 Ralph Schimmrigk (Kennesaw State University) Digging Space and Time: What’s at the Bottom
February 20, 2003 Harriette Grissom (Atlanta College of Art) Feeling as Form in Indian Aesthetics
February 11, 2003 Geoffrey D. Schad (University of Texas, Austin) Clothing Laws and Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire: Religion, Class, and Gender
February 11, 2003 John L. Turner (Swarthmore College) Modern Hanbalism? The Roots of Wahhabi Islam
February 10, 2003 Elyse Semerdjian (University of Michigan) Women and Work in Islamic History
February 6, 2003 Nina Morgan (Kennesaw State University) The Ethics of Representation: Indonesia, Activism, and Theater
February 3, 2003 Yasir S. Ibrahim (Princeton University) The Historical Roots of Political Islam In the Middle East
January 29, 2003 Jennifer Manlowe (University of West Georgia) Cultivating Peace in Times of War: Buddhism for the 21st Century
November 7, 2002 Dr. David Abram The Ecology of Wonder
October 31, 2002 Tom Pynn (Oglethorpe University) Does Philosophy Begin in Wonder?
October 24, 2002 Donald Clark (Trinity University) Korean Ideals and Values
October 10, 2002 Wayne Van Horne (Kennesaw State University) Karatedo: The Way of Karate
September 26, 2002 Glenn H. Mullin The Female Buddhas: Women of Wisdom in Tibetan Mystical Art
September 19, 2002 Jason Wirth (Oglethorpe University) Time the World Destroyer: Philosophical Reflections on Krishna
April 2, 2002 Roger T. Ames (University of Hawai`i) “Celebrating the Liberal Arts” Appreciating Human Conduct: A Confucian Ethic
November 7, 2001 Dennis McCann (Agnes Scott College) “Good and Bad Guanxi” (Business Ethics)
October 31, 2001 Thomas Pynn (Kennesaw State University) Native Americans and Environmental Ethics
October 23, 2001 Devin Stewart (Emory University) Islam as a Biblical Faith
October 10, 2001 Jason Wirth (Oglethorpe University) Ass Festivals: Nietzsche and Ch’an Master Joshu
April 11, 2001 Parimal Patil (Emory University) Invitation to Feeling Critically: Identity, Estrangements, and Loss of Emotional Freedom in the Buddhist Jatakas
March 28, 2001 David Jones (Kennesaw State University) The Shifting Sands of Self: Buddhist & Confucian Solutions to Existential Problems in Abe Kobo’s Woman in the Dunes
February 20, 2001 James Winchester (Georgia College) Our Responsibilities toward Global Inequities: On the Ethics of Drinking a Cup of Coffee
February 7, 2001 Donald Fay (Kennesaw State University) Rumi: Love and Drunkenness