Osoinach Student Lecture Series

Date Speaker Title
September 14, 2015 Zachary Gruca The Uncanny As Alienating and Ecologically or Contextually Disengaging
August 25, 2011 Justin Downey We Feed The Gods: And The Gods Feed Us
February 1, 2011 Cody Staton The Play of Masks: An Interpretation of Nietzsche’s Perspectivism
March 23, 2010 Matthew Dudt, Heather Cooprider,
Cody Staton
Pharmakos: Exorcisms of Greek Thought
March 2, 2009 Justin Downey Archetype as Creative Power: Examining World-Meaningfulness with Plotinus and C.G. Jung
April 1, 2008 Justin Downey Defending Diotima: Rescuing the Platonic Vision of Eros and Beauty
January 29, 2008 Tom Blackstone Smith, Rand, and the Why Be Moral Question
November 29, 2007 Justin Downey Meaning and Melancholia
November 27, 2007 Jonathan Edman Weapons or Justice? Different Conceptions of Peace
February 1, 2007 Ryland Johnson Make No Citations: An Introduction to Baudrillard
November 28, 2006 Jamie Kiley Galileo, Science, and the Church: What Galileo’s Story Can Teach Us about Science and Religion in the Modern World
September 12, 2006 Justin Downey The Sermon of Love
March 16, 2006 Kerry Brunson Speaking on Music
February 28, 2006 Chris Aflague The Us of Then: Ideas on Translation
January 26, 2006 Lauren Maddux The State of the Arts
November 15, 2005 ? Socrates and Plato
October 25, 2005 Ryland Johnson The Tragic Account of the Golem of Prague and the Blessed Hologram of Signification/Simulation
October 18, 2005 Paul Boshears, Joshua Knicely Portrait of Chinese Thought
February 22, 2005 Paul Boshears, Heather Hooks,
Damon Hooks
Reflections on Contemporary Continental Philosophy and Reality Television
January 27, 2005 John Sweeney A Single Taste: An Analysis of Ontology in the Age of Globalization
October 7, 2004 John Sweeney Systemic Continuity: Deconstructing the Form of Narrative as Power Mechanism
April 6, 2004 Mary Walsh Julius Nyrere and African Socialism
April 1, 2004 Kristy Landers ?
March 23, 2004 John Roper, Jr. Buddhism & (in?) Christianity
March 4, 2004 Paul Boshears Appreciating Values: Weber’s Protestant Work Ethic and Master Kong’s Li
February 5, 2004 John Sweeney The Right of the People: Deconstructing Power, Freedom, and Self within the American System
March 13, 2003 John Sweeney The Natural Search for Spiritual Harmony: Similarities in the Human Relationship with Nature in Both Traditional African and Daoist Religious Thought
March 6, 2003 Paul Boshears Gnosis: Enlightenment in the Western Esoteric Tradition
August 8, 2002 John Sweeney Engaging the East: Emerson, Hinduism, and the Origin of the American ‘Shadow Self’