Philosophy Café


02.18 Hello everyone. As noted on the home page, Philosophy Café will not be held on a weekly basis; rather, we will be updating this page and our Facebook pages throughout the semester, so please “like” our Facebook pages and continue checking for updates about when we will be meeting. We hope that you will join us in the future.


Monday Varies
Tuesday Varies
Wednesday Varies
Thursday Varies


Unlike Profound Pursuit, which is primarily a social gathering, Philosophy Café serves the functions of both a social gathering and a study group for Philosophy majors and those interested in philosophy and related disciplines. Philosophy Café aims to develop solidarity between group members by fostering meaningful conversation, developing effective means of studying, and establishing a community that extends beyond the the official and/or academic confines of Philosophy Café itself.


Where does Philosophy Café meet?
Our meetings are held in the Social Science (SO Building) Atrium, where there will be a newly built Starbucks.

Who do I contact for information about Philosophy Café?
For questions or comments about Philosophy Café contact one of Philosophy Café’s moderators and include Philosophy Café in the subject line:
Philosophy Student Association –